For outdoor summer 2022 Practices we will be implementing the following:

Back by popular demand, the drop-off and pick-up line for Cheerleaders will be utilized again this summer. They will be staggered and in Two different locations at the field.  Flag, Pre-Clinic will arrive at the playground lot at 5:45. 


5:45 Clinic and SPW will arrive at the Temple lot. 

5:55 Pee Wee and JV will arrive in Temple lot. 

6:05 Varsity in Temple lot.

Temple lot is a drive-thru drop-off.  Parents remain in your cars.  Pull into the lot staying right, go around the lot to drop off a child from passenger side into the grass area. 

Pick up will be the same procedure with times as follows.

  • Flag, Pre-Clinic 8:00 Playground lot

  • Clinic, SPW  8:00 Temple Lot

  • PW, JV  8:10 Temple Lot

  • Varsity 8:20 Temple Lot

Families with multiple children, reach out to your squad Advisors to make an arrangement that works best for your situation.


Parents can remain in their cars or utilize the park grounds away from the practice area.  Parents who stay must remain on the blacktop track or the outside grass area. Please park on the Temple side of the park since the playground parking lot is so small. 

Here’s a checklist of items that players will need for practice:​

  • Hand sanitizer in bag.

  • Personal water bottle filled and ready to go, or two.

  • All of your normal gear...shirt, shorts, sneakers, socks, hair up with bow. 

  • Asthma inhaler or Epipen, if needed

  • Bug spray and sunscreen 

Attendance: Cheerleaders can miss a total of 4 practices during the August practices and 2 games during the season. We do not "rollover" attendance from previous years or from the summer.   

Summer Practice Guidelines